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When considering buying a property in Westbury, NY, or evaluating the condition of your current home, the significance of reliable information cannot be overstated. Lee House Inspections, LLC stands ready to provide you with the insight needed to make informed decisions. Our licensed and skilled home inspector is committed to uncovering even the most concealed issues in your property. By choosing us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in your peace of mind.

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Before making any decision, understanding the state of your potential or current home is crucial. At Lee House Inspections, LLC, we offer comprehensive services including home inspection, mold inspection, radon testing, water testing, and termite inspection. Our detailed reports make it easy for you to grasp each finding, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. With our home inspector by your side, you’re guaranteed a service that meets your high standards.

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Choosing the right home inspector in Westbury, NY, is pivotal for anyone looking to buy a property or check on their residential home’s condition. Lee House Inspections, LLC provides the expertise and detailed attention required to uncover hidden details in your home. Our services, including home inspection, mold inspection, radon testing, water testing, and termite inspection, empower you with all the information you need. Trust us to guide you toward making the best decision for your home and future.

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If you want to make sure that everything is fine in the house before making a final decision, get our home inspection.

Home Inspection

Mold grows in moist areas. At first glance, it may look harmless; but, it causes severe damage to health.

Mold Inspection

Our inspector uses state-of-the-art radon testers to measure the radon levels in the property and get a reliable report.

Radon Testing

We have the right materials and tools to perform good and reliable water testing to provide you with honest information.

Water Testing

Termites cannot be easily identified, so a detailed inspection is necessary to check every wood element in your home.

Termite Inspection

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