Accurate and Reliable Residential Water Testing in Hempstead, NY

The quality of the water you get in your home is crucial for your health and your well-being. The presence of organic or chemical contaminants can cause severe damage to your health or even affect faucets and other components of your plumbing system. If you want to be sure about your water quality, ask for our residential water testing service today. We have the suitable materials and tools to perform a good test to provide you with reliable information. Call us today and schedule your service in Hempstead, NY.

Signs of Poor Water Quality in Your Home

Protect Your Health from Contaminants

The water available at the tap in your home may be exposed to different contaminants and have different characteristics that may alert you to poor water quality.

Some signs that your water is contaminated:

  • Foul odor such as chlorine or sulfur
  • Strange color
  • Metallic taste
  • Cloudy or sedimented appearance

Any of these can indicate that your water is contaminated. When you notice any of them, request our water quality testing service to have one of our experts perform a specialized and reliable test.

Need a Water Quality Testing?

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Water is life, but if it is contaminated, it can be very harmful to your health. Avoid inconveniences and protect your family and your home. Request our residential water testing today. At Lee House Inspections, LLC, we’ll provide you with a professional, reliable, and safe service. Email or call us today to schedule your water quality testing in Hempstead, NY.

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